Friday, September 13, 2013

Newimals: Monkey Owl and Elephant Zebra

X-Ray Project

My overall thoughts on the final piece are that it turned out pretty good, except I couldn't match the skeleton's shoulders with mine.  I feel that this piece is successful, except some of the matching and lining up of the shoulders.  This project worked because I was able to make all of the cuts and placements correct and overlap the toothbrush with the bones.  What didn't work out, was that I couldn't make the proportions exactly right.  If I were to do this project again I would probably use a different skeleton that matched my arms and shoulders more.  The most difficult part of creating this piece was cutting and placing the skeleton into the picture frame so it would fit.  I learned how to merge three different photos together from this piece.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paint Splat Giraffe

Cartoon Portrait

I used a minion from Dispicable Me as my cartoon for this project.  The reason I used it was because they are really cute and I thought it would fit with my picture.  I used the trees and the tire swing as the background picture and a picture of myself as a separate photo.  By using photoshop, I cut the separate photos of me and the minion and added them into the background photo.  In this picture, my hands are overlapping the tree branch, and my foot and the minion's arm/hand are overlapping.  I added complexity when taking the photograph by jumping up into the air.  My image shows higher level interaction because the minion is grabbing onto my foot and hanging off.